Bumper video proposal for the Prime the Animation festival. Meet the real organizers of the festival, the doggy animation team!


Lola and Leo

Lola is a husky stressed out as the opening date is approaching, she feels they are not arriving and instead of expressing that feeling in a… mature way, she screams, because she is a husky after all, known for being loud and noisy.
Leo is… well, Leo, he goes his own way and let’s just say his intelligence is conspicuous by its absence.

Salchi and Chon

Dachshund twins act as one, you will never see them apart and like good siblings you will always find them fighting or trying to prove who is the better of the two.

Princesa and Señorita Isabella II de Inglaterra

The divas of the office. Princesa is a poodle who likes to have her curls always perfect while Señorita Isabella III de Inglaterra, or as everyone calls her, Isabella, is a corgi who likes to show off her nice and perfectly trimmed butt, like all corgis

Duquesa and Calvo

Duquesa is a Samoyed in charge of receiving calls, she is usually on her own, unaware that Calvo, a bald xoloitzcuintle is envious of her beautiful fur.

Bernard and Titan

Titan is a Chihuahua who has been employee of the month since he joined the company, how does he do it? The answer is: coffee, lots of coffee.
Bernard, the basset hound, is one of the veterans of the office, calm by nature he doesn’t usually go crazy like the rest, he wants to finish his work and go home.

Algodón and Carmenchu

Carmenchu is a yorkshire, an old lady who does not like to stand, she is convinced that the most comfortable place to rest should be on Cotton’s back, and how are you going to tell her otherwise, the chowchow would be the perfect pillow with all that hair.

Gordi, Manchis and Emilio

Gordi is a St. Bernard who only wants to sleep until he retires. He is not usually aware that Emilio, the pomeranian, and Manchis, the shih tzu, use him as an obstacle for their races and games.

Character Designer, Animator, Color and Composer
Irene Campos García
Backgrounds and Animator
Lucía Pérez Olaya
Animator and Color

Teresa Lan Balanza Blecua
Animator and Color
Rocío Cruz Alonso
Layout and Color
María Manzanaro Alfaro